Friday, February 23, 2018



ORENDORFF JACK Tophoven Tim-sm
Jack Orendorff Tim Tophoven
Head Bus Driver Mechanic


Bus Drivers

Transportation Dept Halloween

Pictured (right to left): G. Hume, S. Convis, P. Tasior, E. Lum, D. Schuster, B. Waite, T. Convis, A. Bowen, C.Davis.  
MIssing: Z. Valmas, E. Valmas

Please remember that any student who rides a bus to school must ride home on the same bus unless a written authorization from a parent is received.  This should include the name of the child, bus number, and character (pig, horse, etc.) and the full name of the place (and address if not a regular stop) where they are to go (Mrs. Jane Smith's, NOT "Grandma's").

Feel free to review the ECS school calendar for more information on school bus service and safety.