Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ms. Susie Knight

El Mundo de Señora Knight

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el 13  de noviembre

Spanish 7 - book about the family

Spanish 8 - WB pp.51-52

Spanish 2 - Listening and speaking tet Monday

Spanish 3 - Listening and speaking test Monday

Spanish 4 - complete article read


Edmeston Central Schools Spanish Blogspot

Check out these cool videos/songs!

One Semester of Spanish Love Song

Billy La Bufanda

More Songs

Hola Amigos

La Semana

The Question Song

Donde vives

The Rooster Song

Spanish Club News!

All students are welcome to participate.

Congratulations to officers:

Presidente: Madison Jackson

Vice Presidente: Sydney Murray

Secretaria Ella Berryment

Tesorero: Justin Brown

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