Thursday, February 22, 2018


General Information

Middle school science is the bridge between a general introduction to science in the elementary grades to a specific, fact-based, detail-oriented, focused exploration of different fields of science in the high school.  New York State requires all students to pass three science classes in during their highschool career, one from the Living Environment, one from the Physical Setting, and a third of their choice. Edmeston Central School's sequence of courses in high school is Earth Science during 9th grade, Biology during 10th grade, Chemistry in 11th grade, and Physics in the 12th grade.  As an alternative, Environmental Science is offered to juniors and seniors for their third science.

In 7th grade, the curriculum taught is purposefully designed to cover topics that will be necessary for the biology curriculum.  If gaining knowledge can be compared to riding your bike through a small puddle, the number of trips through the puddle increases the amount of the tire that gets wet.  Similiarly, the number of trips trough the information increases the amount of information that is learned.  Many of the topics that we cover are very difficult: biochemistry, genetics; the hope is that exposure in 7th grade will help understanding in 10th. 

The 8th grade curriculum has the same focus in mind; preparation and exposure of difficult topics early in an effort to prepare for success in later courses.  The primary focus is Physical Science applications to chemistry and physics.  A very large dose of Earth Science topics are also introduced.  Traditionally, students who worked hard in middle school have very little trouble progressing through the required science courses in high school.  This fact is the reason that topics are chosen and emphasized.

To find information regarding current assignments - go to Casey Popiel's site, located under the Special Education staff listings.  She is maintaining all of the class assignment listings.