Saturday, February 24, 2018


Simply put, music is about    


Everything before, and everything beyond.


Sr. Choir:


(For Jr. and Elementary Choirs, this is also your syllabus with the exception that you do not have sectional rehearsals. That portion of the grade will be redistributed to rehearsal participation).



Hallelujah Chorus   For this piece, I expect each of you to commit time to learning parts using the following:

                     Tenor Part                     Soprano Part                       Alto Part                       Bass Part 

                                  If you don't have internet, I'll burn you a CD. If you don't have a CD player, one will be provided.




Lookin' for some classic rock or other non-pop genre music to suggest for playing in class? Below are some list to explore. Please explore these lists under your parents supervision so they may guide you towards music that upholds our school values, here at ECS. In fact, you might as well ask them about their favorite tunes/bands while your with them:

500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Best Songs of the 80s

Best Songs of the 70s



Music Discovery / Playlisting Sites:

·         8tracks

·         Bandcamp

·         The Hype machine




·         Rovi



·         Spotify

·         StereoMood

·         Tastekid

·         The Echo Nest

·         Tunefind

 Music Technology Sites: Teach yourself an instrument, as an introduction or as a suppliment to lessons. Get your "wub" on with this interactive dubstep looping station!  Create your own beatboxing jam by layering loops on this interactive site.

Otomata  This fun time killer helps musicians make visual-audio connections.

Soundation A powerful online recording studio with features like recording, effects, virtual instruments and over 700 loops and sounds.

Scat-at-it On this website, listen to the music sources on the left, then play the ones on the right to try scatting overtop :)

AM-Laboratory A collection of visual an musical games. Learn how each on works to expand your musical mind. It's like Yoga for your musical brain.

Record Tripping If you become addicted to this site, you might become a DJ one day!

Ball Droppings Control space and sound in this fun time killing music website.

Desktop Blues Jam out with the blue with this explorative online website.

ClipConverter Convert clips from Youtube to video or sound clips that can be saved on your computer. (Watch out for the occasional pop-up.)





Contact Info:

Parents and students,
          If you need to contact me with a question, concern, or music related ideas. I can be best contacted through email at If you'd like to discuss something by phone or in person, also simply email me with your contact information and we'll set something up