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9th Grade

Assignments: Week of 12/4

 Remember to RADD when you write...

Chapter 14 Nationalism and Spread of Democracy England/Balkans/Russia DBQ

Chapter 14 Test: Tuesday, 12/5 ... Thematic Essay 12/7

Crash Course: World History Videos

NY State Education Department Global Studies Regents Exams

Regents Essay Topics


Global Studies Jeopardy Review

modern ikigai

10th Grade

Assignments:  Week of 12/4

Remember to RADD when you write...

Chpt 15 Imperialism - Waterways DBQ / Belgian Congo / India -Sepoys

Crash Course: World History Videos

NY State Education Department Global Studies Regents Exams

Regents Essay Topics


Global Studies Jeopardy Review




12th Grade 

Assignments: Week of 12/4

SCOTUS: 1st Amendment Rights and Freedom of Religion. Citizenship Quiz; 12/7

Civics Today Citizenship, Economics & You - Online Learning Center

United States Government: Democracy in Action - Online Learning Center

Economics Principles & Practices - Online Learning Center

Economics: Today and Tomorrow - Online Learning Center

Vocabulary Terms - Quizlet

Government and Economics Inquiries - C3Teachers

Lecture Series /Speaker Profiles, Community Service Reports - Class Wiki 

Roadtrip Nation - Class Login

Public Meetings, Speakers, Community Events:

Guest Speaker:

Brent Sopel TBA / Jack Horner TBA / Garet Livermore TBA

PTO Meeting 11/29 6:30pm in Cafeteria

Next BOE Meeting 12/14 7:00pm in DL Room

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