Friday, February 23, 2018


Welcome to First Grade!

 Welcome to first grade with Rose Welsh. This will be a very busy year for your child. You will see them blossom into fluent little readers and writers.

Much of our day is focused on language arts activities.  We are using the Scott Foresman Reading Series. Your child will be actively engaged using blocks to build words, playing phonics games, reading leveled books, and writing stories using many words learned from the word wall and theme focused vocabulary.

The children explore math concepts with a variety of hands on manipulatives. Units explored include counting coins, skip counting by 2,5,and 10’s, addition and subtraction without regrouping, telling time, place value, and measurement.

Parents are asked to make reading a nightly activity. Please help you child read or read to them for at least 20 minutes. After reading ask you child the following:

What the story was about?

Where did the story take place?

Who were the characters?

What was your favorite part?

What did this remind you of?

Please enjoy this year of growth by engaging your child in many activities involving reading, writing, counting, and observing their surrounding environment.

Supplies Needed :

Crayons- Child’s choice

Pencils-Please, provide a package of 10-12 that will be distributed to your child as needed through out the year.

Glue sticks-2 packages, more will be needed as time goes on.

Erasers- 1 or 2 packages

Folders- 4, two pocket folders

1 container of sanitizing wipes

Save these recyclable items:

Cereal boxes

Paper towel tubes

Grocery brown bags

You can send these items in at any time during the year. Thank You!

                                                Rose Welsh