Friday, February 23, 2018

Mrs. Slentz

Welcome to Mrs. Slentz’s fourth grade!  We have an exciting year in store for you.  In language we plan to kick off the year writing autobiographies.  We will also create crossword puzzles which will include clues about ourselves in which our classmates can guess our identities.  In science we will plant seeds and identify the purposes for each part of a plant.  Eastern woodland Indians will be the focus of social studies and we will again construct ceremonial masks and dream catchers.  Please read over the summer.  Be sure you bring a book with you to school in the fall since we will be free reading every single day! Enjoy your summer and stay safe!!

Mrs.Slentz’s supply list

Several #2 pencils (Ticonderoga are the easiest to sharpen)
Pencil case
Crayons (a box of 16 or 24 is plenty)
Colored pencils ( a box of 8 or 12 is fine)
1 pkg of loose leaf paper
one spiral notebook (one subject)
one marble composition book; hard cover
5 plain duo pocket folders; (one each of red, yellow, blue, orange, green)
one take home folder (any style)