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March 7, 2017 - Lead Testing Update

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January  4, 20 I 7

Edmeston Central School

Gary  Furman,  Ed.D.,  Superintendent   of   Schools 1 1 North Street, Edmeston NY 13335

Phone (607) 965-8931   Fax (607)965-8942


Dear Parcnt(s) or Guardian(s ):


N YS Governor Andrew  Cuomo signed  legislation  on September 6, 2016 req uiring all school

d istricts and 130CES to test  potable  water  systems ( faucets  and  drinking  fountai ns)  for  lead  and take responsive actions.  The  Edmeston  Central  School  District  completed  the  req ui red  sampling on Septem ber 24. 201 6. There  were  17 samples  i n total,  covering every  outlet  required  to be tested. The samples were taken from water outlets that i ncluded : drink i ng fountai ns. classroom faucets/si nks. bathroom fa ucets/si n ks. and  the  cafeteria's  outlets.  All  samples were  collected  by Josh Reiss, Sa fety/R i sk  Management  Coordinator  at  ONC  BOC ES,  based  on the  US  EPA 's 3Ts for Reduci ng  Lead  i n  Dri nk ing Water  i n  Schools.  The samples were  sent to  M icrobac Laboratories.  I nc. l<i r analysi s.


The "on-again. oflagain" nature of water use at most schools can raise lead levels  i n  school drinking water. Water that remai ns i n pipes overnight, over a weekend. or over vacation periods stays i n contact wi th lead pi pes or lead solder and. as a resu lt, could contain hi gher levels of lead. This is why schools arc req ui red to collect a sample alter the water has been sitting in the pl umbi ng system !o' r a ce1iain period of time between 8 and 18 hours, This ··fi rst draw'' sample is li kely to  show higher level s of lead frir that outlet than what you would sec i f you sampled after using the water conti nuously. However, even i f the first draw sample docs not reflect  what you wou ld sec wi th contin uous usage, i t is sti l l impmian t because it can identi fy outlets that have elevated lead levels.


The N YS legislation  states that if lead  levels arc above  15 parts per bi llion at any water outlet, the school must post signs ind icating that the water from the outlet is not to be used   for drinki ng,

The water outl et must be  re-tested.   If the second tcst resul ts i nd icate that the outlet is i n

compliance, i t ma y be used again fi:ir drink i ng water. If the second test resul ts i nd icated that the outlet  cont i nues to exceed  the  1 5 parts  per  bi llion. then  the water  foature wi l l  be replaced  and testi ng  completed again.












P.O. Box 5129  •  I I North SI.  Edmeston, NY 1 3335                 Home of the Panthers

On .January 3. 201 7, t he d istrict recei ved the results of i ts water testi ng. The results of the i ni tial sampl i ng have i denti l!ed I O or the 1 17 locations as above the 1 5 parts per bill ion action level.

None of these locations were d ri n k i ng fountains.  The locations and lead level s are listed below:





These l ocations arc pri mari l y used for washi ng hands. Signs ( Do Not Drin k the Water) have been  posted  at each  location.  Teachers have instructed  students not to use these faucets   for

d ri nk ing water. The school district has scheduled a second sample test of these faucets for Thursday. January  5.


Accord ing to the Envi ronmental Protection Agency  (EPA). lead in drinking water is rarel y the sole cause of lead poisoning. For more information about prevention and risks to lead exposure, please contact your fami ly physician or consult the EPA 's websi te 1 You may also contact t he Otsego Department of I Tealth at (607) 547-4230 with your  q uestions.


Pl ease be assured that the Edmeston Central  School District continues to be proactive  in efforts  to keep our students and staff safe. I n formation has been posted on the district websi te. If you have any questions,  please  feel  li·ee to contact  me.



Sincerel y.


Gary  Furman. Ed.D.