Thursday, February 22, 2018


ECS Marching Panthers
Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser

The ECS Band is hosting a few visitors in the month of May.  As you may have already seen, there are flocks of flamingos about the district.  If you like to have fun with your friends (or maybe your enemies!), please consider supporting the Band with our Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser.  For $10, we will put a small (12) flock of birds on the lawn of your choosing.  For $20, we will put a large (36) flock on a lawn.  Not a fan of pink plastic lawn ornaments?  Well, purchase our $15 insurance, guaranteeing you will not have any visitors to your lawn.

The flamingos appear in the night, spend 48 hours, and then migrate to the next home.  It does not cost you anything to have them removed, but of course, if you would like to flock someone else, forms are available.  Hurry and get your request turned into any Band member, or the Band room.  The month is long but our schedule is filling up quickly.  All monies raised go to the Band Fund, supporting our daily activities as well as enrichment trips and experiences.

Flamingo Flocking Form - We're sorry, the fundraiser has been wildly successful and the month of May is all filled up with Flockings.  We thank the community for the support and please be thinking about who you'd like to send a Flock to next year!


District Goals

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