Thursday, February 22, 2018


 PARP Family Fun Night and Wax Museum a Success!

Elementary kids of all ages came out to enjoy Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) family fun night.  There were many activities for the kids to do, such as marshmallow/toothpick building and coloring stations.  Kids could also take a free book home or attend the Book Fair that was also going on in the library.  Our librarian, Mrs. Winsor, and the 4th grade classes created a living wax museum that featured important historical figures.  The students dressed up in period costumes and when asked, recited information about who they were and what their role was in history.

abbyparp camdenparp
gavinparp girlsparp
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District Goals

Goal 1:  Fully Implement the Common Core Curriculum in ELA and Math
Goal 2:  Improve Students' Academic Performance in ELA and Math
Goal 3:  Maintain the Financial Stability of the School District
Goal 4:  Improve Communication and Collaboration with Stakeholder Groups