Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chobani Recipe Contest


Chobani Recipe Contest

Students in Mr. Burgess’s 7th grade Health Class participated in the Chobani My Plate, My State Recipe Contest.  Students were asked to create an original recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack made with Chobani Greek Yogurt.  All recipes had to fit on My Plate which includes Fruits, Proteins, Grains & Vegetables.  Students were encourage to use local foods grown in New York State to create a balanced recipe.

Entries included:

$        - Title

$        - List of ingredients

$        - Step-by-step directions

$        - Number of servings

$        - A drawing or photo of the recipe

$        - Short essay describing how the recipe fits our state, why it was selected, & how it fits in a healthy eating pattern.

The top 5 recipes were prepared by the students in a “cook-off” & sampled by a panel of ECS judges.  Members of the Chobani Community Engagement Team, along with Dr. Post, creator of My Plate, came to ECS to recognize the students in an Award Ceremony.

     First Place - Rylee Chapin
     Second Place - Marissa Galley
     Third Place - Martina Blackwell
     Fourth Place - Ronnie Hickling
     Fifth Place - Lena Greene


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